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The history of Vítkovice Research & Development Inc. dates back to 1946, when the Research Institute for Engineering & Metallurgy was founded as part of Vítkovice Ironworks & Engineering (K. P. VŽKG).

In 2000, after the Company’s owner had been changed, the company was renamed Vítkovice Research & Development Ltd. and later, in 2006, it gained its present name.

Vítkovice Research & Development Inc. deals with research and development activities focused primarily on implementation of new technological procedures in industrial production. This refers in particular to materials with increased durability for demanding use in tool steels and magnetically soft steels, and materials for nuclear energy.

Since 2007, the Company has been certified according to ISO 9001 standards.

At present, a manufacturing infrastructure, the main focus of which shall be production of high grade steels and superalloys, is being built in Mošnov Industrial Zone – in a location with excellent logistics accessibility thanks to a nearby airport. The factory has been constructed in accordance with INDUSTRY 4.0 Vision and shall be equipped with VIM/VAR /ESR 7T Technology and a robotic multifunction forging press enabling the production of rods, discs and rings. The testing process is planned for the first half of 2018. Official production shall then be initiated on January, 1st, 2019.